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An all too common question…Where to buy my CBD? With dozens of websites and companies out there… how do you decipher what is good quality and backed by people who care? Look no further because you’ve found it! Your Sunshine Company has been dedicated to bringing you only the BEST in natural wellness for 6 years now! CBD (cannabidiol) rich hemp oils and natural wellness products are an extremely important part of our lives and we would like to make them a part of yours too! One might even call them our deepest passion. We have spent years learning what works and why. We’ve talked to a multitude of vendors, manufacturers, and actual customers and found only the best of the best. We put them all right here on one page for you to find the best fit for your lifestyle. Our knowledgeable staff and personal experiences with all of our products are what sets us apart from other companies in the industry. We are always eager to get somebody new started on a path to a wealth of wellness, and that somebody could be you!

E Liquids and Tinctures

Your Sunshine Company Broad Spectrum Line – 300mg, 1000mg, or 1500mg

Your Sunshine Company has worked on this line of products for a very long time. Passion and the love of CBD Hemp Oils and what they could do led us to formulate our own line of oils containing only the best ingredients we could find. An Organic MCT Oil base combined with CBD isolate and a unique terpene blend make up each bottle! This line was truly created and crafted with tender love and care in each bottle. Tranquility is meant to provide an uplifted, focused, happy relaxation and has great anti-fungal properties. Vitality is blended to provide a productive, creative energy, and strong focus! They are both available in 15ml (300mg) and 30ml (1000mg) options! The 1500mgs are available in 30ml, the Do-si-dos is designed to relax and calm. It is great for sleep and has strong antifungal properties. The Clementine is energizing, uplifting and gives you a happy feeling and is anti-fungal too. Call today for pricing or to find out more.

Your Sunshine Company Full Spectrum CBD Line – 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg Peppermint & Natural Flavor

The perfect balance of cannabinoids for that extra zing of the full spectrum hemp plant. You can choose peppermint or natural flavor. 250mg is in 15ml, 500mg is in 30ml and the 1000mg is in 60ml. Total mg is per volume. All organic, all natural, non-GMO, vegan & BPA free.

Our newest YSC Product brings the Entourage Effect to an awesome level. 2000mg CBD Full Spectrum with Organic Terpenes. The Terpenes in this blend are desined to give you an energizing, uplifted and happy effect but you also get all the effects with a full spectrum advantage. WOW! What a product!


250mg Hemplucid Water Soluble – $52.99

A great alternative to your average CBD tincture. Add Hemplucid Water Soluble to cold drink and food for a new spin on CBD usage. Being water soluble, Hemplucid is a great idea for people who have experienced difficulty using other non-water soluble CBD products.
Hemplucid contains; ultra-refined de-waxed CBD concentrate bonded to 100% vegetable glycerin for an all-natural, rapidly bio-available, water-soluble alternative to CBD (cannabidiol) oils. Hemplucid water soluble is naturally silky sweet, sugar-free, and low-glycemic.

Original CANNA Benefits CBD Syrup – 60ml  $36.99

Another Great Water-Soluble product. Tangerine Flavored, spritz your water up with the power of CBD. Approximately 25mg for every 10ml.

300 1

300mg Holy Grail Isolate Tincture – $60

Drip it, Drop it, Add it! This 10ml bottle of isolate based liquid can be vaped by it’s self, mixed into your favorite e liquid, or dropped straight under your tongue for fast relief. 300mg CBD isolate. 10ml bottle. Unflavored.


200mg Holy Grail Full Spectrum Elixir – $39.99

Drip it, Drop it, Add it! This 10ml bottle of Full Spectrum CBD is a great product. It can be added to your vape by mixing it with favorite e-liquid, you can drop it sublingually under the tongue for fast relief or drip it straight for a full strength vape dose. 200mg Full Spectrum Elixir. 10ml bottle. Natural Flavor


Edibles, Capsules, and Concentrates


Holy Grail Energy Chews – $5.50

1mg CBD, 100mg Caffeine, and packed with B Vitamins! Great alternative for on the go energy without the crash! 2 chews per can. 2 available flavors – Ice or Apple

Holy Grail Cannabinoid Complex 750mg  Capsules $64.99

Not fond of the liquid CBD oils try this awesome all organic all-natural capsule from a highly trusted manufacturer. Full spectrum phyto-cannabinoid, whole plant extract, water-soluble capsule. This product is free of dairy, gluten and soy allergens. 25mgs of CBD in every capsule.


60mg Green Roads Soothe Syrup – $38.99

A pleasant tasting night time syrup packed with 60mg of full spectrum hemp oil and melatonin. Carefully formulated to give you a great nights rest! Strawberry flavored.


10mg of CBD per capsule. These capsules are formulated with MCT (fractionated coconut oil) and non-GMO sunflower lecithin which is known for its many health benefits. Lecithin has been known to aid in the body’s ability to absorb CBD. What a great way to take CBD!


1 gram 999mg CBD Isolate – $55

99% pure CBD isolate powder! This little product packs a punch. It can be dabbed or mixed with any type of oil so the possibilities are endless. Use as an additive to give any oil based application a CBD kick! Mixes GREAT with RSHO gold label. About 999mg per gram!


150mg pucker people

150mg Infused Edibles Gummies – $19.99

Infused Edibles Gummies are a tasty way for you to get your CBD intake! Made with top quality CBD Isolate, these are sure to satisfy your cravings! Pucker People (12mg each). A delicious sweetness with a sour twist. Grab a bag today!


Noon Tide Herbal Elixir – $33.99

Noontide Elixirs are a unique alternative to most other tinctures and edibles. They can be mixed into beverages and smoothies!
4oz bottle of CBD syrup infused with 99.9% pure organic CBD isolate!
Strawberry Flavored.
Made with Agave and 99% CBD Isolate
160mg CBD per 4oz bottle, 40mg CBD per 1 oz serving.



A pharmaceutical grade CBD in a water-soluble saline base, a pleasant very fine mist of CBD nasal spray. It contains pharmaceutical grade CBD isolate into a nano particle water soluble form and packaged it into a refreshing saline nasal mist! This water soluble CBD in the nose is immediately and efficiently absorbed, and directly transferred to within the brain. This bioavailable product makes for quick delivery into your system in this manner Contains no THC.



1L Holy Water by Holy Grail – $8.50

Holy Water is a 9+pH Hemp infused water. It was developed by an Exercise Physiologist and his team of experts including a Biochemist and Hydration experts. The goal was to create the very best Alkaline water on the market today with the addition of Holy Grail Hemp. The Hemp is a water Soluble Nano sized proprietary mixture and one 1 liter bottle contains about 5mg of CBD. This means that it has a quicker absorption rate due to the particle size, than if it did not go through their Nano process. They coupled this with a 9+pH Alkaline water containing Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, and Potassium for the perfect balance. So, get hydrated well with a CBD kick!

Sour Puss 300mg

300mg Infused Edibles Gummies – $27.99

Infused Edibles Gummies are a tasty way for you to get your CBD intake! Made with top quality CBD Isolate, these are sure to satisfy your cravings! Some really great options to choose from – Peach Rings (25mg each) and Sour Puss (50mg each). Oh so good! Grab a bag today!

500mg Peach rings

500mg Infused Edibles Gummies –

Infused Edibles Gummies are a tasty way for you to get your CBD intake. Made with top quality CBD Isolate, these are sure to satisfy your cravings! Peach Rings (25mg each) and Sour Puss (50mg each) are exceptional flavor with a CBD kick! Grab your bag today!

Dabs 2

250mg/g RSHO Gold Label

Holy Grail RSHO Gold has an average 25% CBD or about 250 mg of CBD in each 1 gram. The extract has been decarboxylated and filtered for the highest quality. This product can be taken under the tongue, dabbed, or vaporized in any common dry herb vaporizer. Average serving is half the size of a grain of rice. There is no better quality CBD on the market. Available in 1 gram, 3 gram, 5 gram, and 10 gram. Call for pricing.


Holy Grail Energy Shot – Berry – $3.99

Full spectrum nano-hemp complex energy shot! Contains over 75 botanical terpenes! Get long lasting energy without the crash with CBD mixed in! What better way to start your day? Or, keep it going! Nano-Amplified and THC Free!
240mg Caffeine – 2.5mg CBD
Berry Flavored

Salves, Topicals, and Body Products

best salve

100mg Holy Grail Salve - $35

One of our most popular and sought after products! Holy Grail's salve is a 2oz. jar of perfect relief! Made with full spectrum hemp oil and formulated for the best absorption possible. This salve has an almost peppermint like scent. Apply to muscles and joints for powerful relief!

Body Wash

16oz. Cibaderm Hemp Fresh Body Wash - $28

Cibaderm’s innovative Hemp Fresh natural body wash, which contains pure hemp, lavender, and peppermint oils, to turn your shower into an reinvigorating and energizing experience. Naturally balanced for all types of skin, our body wash’s blend of organic oils cleanse and hydrate without leaving your skin oily or over-dried. Because it is free of sulfates, parabens, and artificial scents and dyes, Cibaderm’s body wash will leave your skin feeling flawlessly smooth.


40mg Pure Ratios Topical Patch - $19.50

Pure Ratio patches are revolutionary in that: No adhesive is absorbed into bloodstream – only pure medicine is absorbed. No chemicals added like DMSO (which is illegal in CA). Uses whole plant, CBD-rich hemp oil with no THC. Reservoir Patches provide accurate ratios and larger quantities of available cannabinoids for delivery. Reservoir Patches provide fast and effective delivery of medicine outside the digestive process providing undiluted absorption of cannabinoids into the bloodstream. Pure Ratios Patches provide a significantly longer period of dosing, typically 3-4 days (up to 96 hours) because of our unique reservoir design. Our water-resistant adhesive stays put to allow for prolonged adhesion to the skin surface, promoting long-term delivery.


250mg Citizen CBD Skin Silk - $68.99

This salve uses a secret family recipe that contains whole plant full spectrum hemp oil. Also, Skin Silk contains an essential oil blend to help relax and give you an aromatherapy effect! Soft whipped texture is great for irritated skin.


16oz. Cibaderm Hemp Clean Shampoo - $28

Cibaderm has crafted an innovative hemp oil infused botanical shampoo that gently cleanses and brings out your hair’s natural luminescence. Free of artificial dyes and scents, parabens, and sulfates, Cibaderm Hemp Clean shampoo is the natural way to keep your hair clean and your scalp healthy. Cibaderm Hemp Clean shampoo combines CBD from hemp, all-natural essential oils, and a carefully formulated herbal blend to clean and fortify hair, leaving behind a luxuriously natural scent.

Pure Ratios CBD Products

100mg Pure Ratios Roll On - $31.99

The Pure Ratios 100 mg CBD Roll-On is infused with arnica to help reduce bruising and inflammation. Quickly absorbed, our Roll-On oil is an isolated CBD hemp-based product that you can use discreetly, anywhere on your body. Try it to on bruises, muscle inflammation, sore joints and general aches and pains.


4oz. Cibaderm Hemp Hydrate Hand Cream - $28

From the things you create to the held hands of your loved ones, your hands let you interact with the world around you. Weathering the sun’s UV rays and bare to the environment, however, your hands pick up a lot of wear and tear along the way. With deep moisturizing essential oils and powerful antioxidants like vitamin E, our Hemp Hydrate hand cream and lotion will give your hands the deep, penetrating moisture they need to let your touch be as smooth as possible. Daily use of our Hemp Hydrate hand cream and lotion will restore the health and vitality to the regularly exposed skin on your hands.


16oz. Cibaderm Hemp Fresh Body Wash - $28

Rejuvenate and strengthen dry, brittle hair with essential oils that drench hair in revitalizing moisture. Cibaderm Hemp Soft natural conditioner uses the antioxidant ingredients in our unique blend of hemp oil and herbal extract to help protect your hair from styling damage and the detrimental effects of free radicals from environmental exposure for sleeker, healthier looking hair. A pure alternative to harsh chemicals, Cibaderm Hemp Soft natural conditioner will give you luscious locks with weightless moisture and shine.

Other Natural Wellness

boost 02 natural

Boost Oxygen Natural 95% O2 - $18.99

Boost Oxygen is 95% purified oxygen (5% ambient air) that comes in lightweight, easy-to-use canisters, and is used as a supplement to enhance sports recovery, alleviate high-altitude effects, remedy hangovers/fatigue, and otherwise promote a heightened sense of personal health and well-being. Oxygen directly fuels 90% of all body and mind functions. The average oxygen level in the air is about 21% ... Boost Oxygen is 95%! Try it today and feel the difference! 10L size.