CBD Rich Hemp Oil & Diabetes

Almost everyone out there knows someone who has diabetes and that those individuals have to control their sugar intake and regulate/monitor their insulin. Diabetes is a disease that deals with the presence of high glucose levels in the blood. There are two types; type 1 diabetes often diagnosed in people less than 30 years of age. Only 10% of all diabetics are type 1. Type 2 diabetes is more common and usually affects those above 40 years of age who are overweight. Obesity can lead to insulin resistance and in combination with defective insulin production causing type 2 diabetes.

The common symptoms of diabetes are; arterial inflammation, high blood pressure, neuropathy, restless leg syndrome, increased urination, weight gain/loss, significantly increased appetite, blurry vision, itchy dry skin, unexplained fatigue, unquenched thirst, slow healing cuts or bruises, and irritated gums.

The good news is CBD Rich Hemp Oil can stabilize blood sugars in the body. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help quell the arterial inflammation common in diabetics. CBD can contribute to lowering blood pressure. CBD can relieve pain from neuropathy and calm restless leg syndrome. It can help you sleep better as well, which in turn allows you to be more active during your awake hours promoting a healthier weight. All of the previously mentioned is linked to the endocrine system that is controlled by CB receptors in your body. Those receptors allow CBD to be disbursed in the body where it is needed.

I was fighting high triglycerides myself and high glucose levels, however, I noticed those levels returning to normal levels with my continued CBD Rich Hemp Oil use. I lost several pounds because of it and I am a firm believer in CBD Hemp Oil.


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Written by Tina Harris

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