Does CBD Hemp Oil get you high? & Will it show up on Drug tests?

These two questions have been asked so many times of me and I would like to ease your mind on this.

CBD is a cannabinoid in the cannabis plant family and is not psychoactive so it most likely will not get you high. If the products you choose to consume are made only from Hemp Plants extracted through a CO₂ from the stalk or seed there is little to no chance of getting THC in it. So, you most likely will not get high from it. For one thing, the higher content CBD will counter the very small amounts of THC that could possibly be present. I have been using CBD for nearly 4 years now and have never gotten high from them. If that were the case, I would no longer be consuming CBD Rich Hemp Oils. I only want the natural qualities of CBD for better overall body health.

Now on to the second most asked question of me. Will it show up on a drug test? It is unlikely you will fail a drug test from consuming CBD derived from Hemp Plants. Drug tests are designed to look for THC not CBD. If any at all; the THC that could be present is so minute it isn’t enough to show up on a drug test. Now that I have tried to answer those two questions as best I understand. I sincerely hope this was helpful to you. I am living proof of CBD and am proud to say so.

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Written by Tina Harris

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