Nerves are screaming from Multiple Sclerosis, you could calm them with CBD Hemp Oil.

Multiple Sclerosis commonly called MS is a very devastating disease that affects one’s central nervous system and gradually weakens bodily function by attacking the cells of the brain and spinal column. It is a progressive autoimmune disorder by medical definition which eats away at the myelin in one’s body (the coverings that protect the nerve cells). MS affects two times more women than men for reasons unknown. Those who suffer from MS have varying symptoms such as problems with eyesight, digestive issues, loss of control of bladder and bowels, pain, numbness/tingling and pin prickling sensations, depression, tremors, muscle spasms, trouble concentrating, occasional slurred speech, and trouble with sleep patterns. Not every person with MS will have the same symptoms. Some individuals suffer from permanent nerve damage and lose the ability to walk and some lose their eyesight.

The most common pharmaceuticals prescribed are; corticosteroids, anti-seizure meds, plasma exchanges, strong muscle relaxers, anti-depressants and strong opiate painkillers. These medications have little effect on the disease itself, they are prescribed for the relief of symptoms presented by the individual. I myself as someone with MS have had most of the symptoms and all but one of the pharmaceuticals above with little success until I started using Cannabidiol (CBD Rich Hemp Oils). I added B12, Magnesium, and Vitamin D to my CBD regiment as well. Then my journey took an amazing turn for the better. Goodbye to most of the pharmaceuticals for me. Yay!

CBD helps protect the brain, eases the pain, stops stiffness/muscle spasms, stabilizes sleep patterns, reduces inflammation, stops depression, helps digestion, and helps protect your eyes. I know this because I am living proof.

I encourage you to do your own research. You can find some reports on the subject @ and Always check with your physician before starting any type of new dietary supplement.

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Written by: Tina Harris

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