Terpenes and the Harmony they can create with Hemp Oils

Terpenes are defined as aromatic molecules that come from plants, this includes scent, flavor, and color. In other words, they are the essential oils within a plant. They can have certain health benefits such as sleep aids, calming effects, killing bacteria, aiding digestion and so many more things. What is a molecule? Well, a molecule is an electrically neutral group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds. Meaning a group of atoms bonded together that represent the smallest fundamental unit of a chemical compound. Terpenes have been used in natural healing for years. Terpenes have different functions in plants. The more we delve into the natural world the more we come to understanding how those things can complement each other and work in harmony together. https://www.steephill.com/science/terpenes

Hemp plants also have terpenes of their own and each terpene will target certain issues. There are around 200 terpenes found in Hemp. These terpenes in hemp will intensify the healing properties. It also creates a larger medicinal experience with the whole plant rather than the individual components of the plant by themselves. Certain terpenes can increase the rate the body will absorb the CB cannabinoids of hemp. Some CB cannabinoids need a terpene to bind to the CB receptors. Like the aromatic herbs we cook with in our kitchens to create the ultimate dish, terpenes create a broad range of flavors, aromas, and overall medicinal benefits within hemp.  So, when you think about it is as if a beautiful song is being sung in harmony or a great marriage that produces a beautiful/grand family.

A-Pinene will aide in reducing swelling (anti-inflammatory), helps with opening airways in the bronchi areas, keeps memory sharp, and helps kill bacteria. Linalool cleans and sanitizes (anesthetic), works as a pain reliever (analgesic), and is calming for anxiety. Beta-Caryophyllene is anti-inflammatory, helps relieve pain, and protects the cells lining your digestive tract. Myrcene contributes to sedative properties and aids in sleep, it also helps calm the muscles. Limonene helps reduce acids in the stomach, esophagus, and intestines, it has calming properties to ease anxiety and helps lift one’s spirits helping with depression. As you can see I have listed the medicinal qualities of the terpenes found in hemp. Terpenes can be found in other natural plants and herbs as well. They are great alone but when teamed up with the CB cannabinoids they can produce magnificent combined results.

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Written by Tina Harris


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