Oh! The stories we have heard! Why CBD products are not all equal!

For centuries people of all walks of life have used natural and holistic healing methods. In today’s time the CBD and Full spectrum hemp product explosion is taking the world by surprise. In an effort to obtain the best price on these products on the market many people have tried several brands from several different locations without understanding them fully. Some of us, at some point, has heard something about hemp derived CBD products and how it could help overall health. It is very disconcerting that so many products have come to this market and people really don’t know anything about them. Take for example a lady I am going to call Ms. “K”. She bought some products from her local health food and herb shop. Her comments to us were she “purchased a product of very high mg of CBD but it just did not seem to do for her the way products she had previously purchased from us”. Now Ms. “K” is now back with us purchasing her CBD and Full Spectrum Hemp Oils. She has found out the hard way that quality cannot be substituted and that not all CBD or hemp products are created equal. The old saying “You get what you pay for” comes to my mind with this situation. It is important to know the product is of the best quality. Ms. “K” isn’t the only one we have heard these same stories from. We talk to each and every person who comes to us to find out a little bit about them.

Here at Your Sunshine Company we fully understand all the products we have brought in. We first research the product then the company the product is made by. We ask questions like; from which plant did the CBD or other CB cannabinoids come from? How is it extracted? What are the current reviews for this product? Is the product Organic, Non-GMO, and Bio-available? Does this product contain THC and if so is it within guidelines set by State and Federal laws? We ask to see certified lab reports on the products. What are all the ingredients in the product?  Then we bring it in for testing by our knowledgeable team members. So, every product we have has been personally tested and passed our critiquing before we sell it.  We fully trust every product we have in stock. We know that seems like a lot to do but we feel it is in the best interest of not only us but our clients as well. We truly want to make a real difference. So, let us put a little sunshine in your life today and every day!

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Written by Tina Harris



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