Pissed Off!

It really pisses me off for people to be taken advantage of in the CBD/Hemp market. With this market growing so fast there is the potential to be scammed. It took years for YSC to work with another company besides Holy Grail. The fact is, we couldn’t find another company that put passion before price point. Everyone was so concerned with the price that the simple idea of getting quality cannabinoids to people who need them was lost for a while. Wasn’t this the original attraction of this plant? Natural Wellness? “But it says Hemp on the bottle”. While this may be true, that doesn’t make it Cannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil. Don’t get me wrong, hemp oil itself has its benefits, but CB cannabinoids that’s where the magic happens. Now, how do you find these quality CB hemp oils?

I suggest you first do your own research before buying any CBD/Hemp product. You need to research the company first then ask them questions like:

  1. Is this Cannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil?
  2. Do you have certified lab reports from a reputable certified lab on each batch?
  3. How is the CBD/other cannabinoid extracted for this product?
  4. From which part of the plant is it extracted?
  5. What type of product is going to be the most beneficial for personal use?
  6. What are the reviews on this product in the market?

If the vendor is smart they will have researched the products they handle first, then that vendor should test products before selling them. They should have a complete understanding of the product and be willing to produce lab results from a reputable certified lab. People who are in this industry for the right reasons, Know Their Stuff! If the person you are working with is dodging questions or knows nothing but the price on the bottle, you probably should skip that spot.

I have been told by so many that come to our retail partner shops that the product they purchased elsewhere did not perform as expected and/or they paid a handsome price for that said product. I hate for people to go through that. For one thing, they are out the money for the said product then they are out even more because they purchase again to replace the product that did not perform as expected. I ask myself all the time, why? I realize people want to save money where they can but is it really saving money when the product doesn’t work as expected? Not to mention the emotional letdown of the experience and your time as well. We all know that time cannot be replaced once it is lost. Some people seeking help cannot afford wasted time. I feel this kind of experience for people leads to a tarnish on the companies that handle good products that work. It also tarnishes the market for that type of product giving credence to the nay-sayers. Once again, it just plain pisses me off for the most important fact is that I have been using good CBD Rich Hemp Oils that have been my miracle! I want it to be a miracle for someone else.

So, let’s all get involved in making a difference in this industry. I for one, intend on sharing my testimony, sharing the testimonies of others, and the knowledge I have gained in my journey for a more natural wellness path. I feel sharing is caring.

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Written by Tina Harris & Brandon Mitcham

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