Hip Hip Hurray! The new YSC line is here!

I would like to start out by saying thank you to our clients. You all have been so supportive of us. We took into consideration your needs and wants when it came to CBD products. We listened to you and we have finally done it! We now have our exclusive line of YSC CBD products. After years of testing different CBD products and countless hours of studying CBD and terpenes we feel we have come up with the perfect blends. Not only did we infuse CBD and terpenes, but we also infused CBD with a few essential oils.  We have been pleasantly surprised by the demand for this new line.

The new YSC line has 2 terpene profiles in the 1000mg and 300mg CBD. First, the Vitality is meant to give you an amazing experience with all the great qualities of CBD in addition to the added benefits of the special terpenes. Those special terpenes give you focus, productive, creativity along with a calming energy, and anti-fungal properties. It most certainly lives up to its name. Don’t believe me? Come try it for yourself. We get to see the difference it is making in people’s lives every day. Second, the Tranquility is designed to give you an uplifted, happy, and relaxing effect with great anti-fungal properties in combination with all the great qualities of CBD. This one also lives up to its name. In the YSC line of 100mg CBD, there are currently 3 profile combinations with essential oils. Sunrise is an infusion of 100mg of CBD and B12 with caffeine. A combination to help energize the start of your day without the crash of energy products loaded with sugars, it is so natural feeling.  Sunset is an infusion of 100mg of CBD and Melatonin with Valerian Root, a sure way to get a good night’s rest. Breathe is an infusion of 100mg of CBD with Eucalyptus, great for the respiratory system. Stay tuned in to us, we plan on bringing more CBD products to the new YSC line.

So, we are super excited to offer you all only the highest quality. This is the essence of what we are about. Making a real difference in an alternative wellness field with a compassionate and caring team of individuals who know their products and how to pair those products to the right people. I encourage you to do your own research and then come to see us. We will be glad to help.

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Written by Tina Harris

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    1. Tranquility 300mg is 45.99 and 1000mg is 74.99 call 417-544-4481 to order by phone. We like doing the ordering an old-fashioned way, we give it a personal touch.

    2. The 1000mg tranquility is 74.99 you may place an order by calling 417-544-4481. We very much look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks for reading our posts and contacting us. Best regards.

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