A CBD Story – Shirley’s Journey with CBD

 Have you ever had that devastating moment that you hear that someone you know is afflicted by a terrible disease? Most of us have. Here at YSC we have consulted with many people that suffer from terrible diseases and afflictions. As a matter of fact, our lab creates special CBD oil blends and we also have become very familiar with Terpenes and what they can do in conjunction with CBD here at YSC. 

One such individual stands out to us right now. Her name is Shirley. She came to us in April of this year from Kansas with late stage ALS. Oh, how we remember the day she came in as if it were yesterday. You see, Shirley was dead set against using opiate pain meds which is one of the reasons she chose to try the use of CBD. She was such a caring and sweet soul. Shirley was starting to lose her speech at that time. She had lost the use of her right arm completely, it was in a sling. We also believe breathing had started to become difficult for her as well. Her first purchase of CBD was a premixed blend of 1000mg CBD full spectrum and a topical salve. We talked with her often to see how she was doing. We could hear, in the phone calls, improvement with her speech very quickly. By May 2018 we were formulating a special blend just for her. Shirley reported to us that her arm started to become more mobile, of course hearing this just delighted us. As time passed Shirley began to live life again on her terms not the on the terms of the disease she was living with. Shirley did not use medications for pain nor did she use breathing apparatuses to help her breath. Shirley was enjoying life with her family again.  Shirley was admitted to a care facility and spent her last days making beautiful memories with her family.  Our entire team here at YSC was so moved and touched by Shirley, in a nutshell, she defines the passion of our company. Whether you are dealing with Anxiety or something as horrible as ALS we will take the time to listen and educate you so that you can make an informed decision on your CBD journey. 

Written by Tina Harris & Ginney Foil

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