Know your CBD product!!Don’t be deceived!!

Misunderstanding labels can lead to deception in the CBD industry, especially with the ever-changing laws. Not only have the federal laws changed when it comes to hemp, but individual state laws are changing as well. Some companies in the industry are using these changing laws to their advantages to confuse and deceive people. So, let us talk about CBD Rich Hemp Oils and the difference between the plants that CBD can come from. Also, we can talk about the difference in an isolate and a full spectrum product. Understanding these differences can help keep you from getting fooled.

CBD and THC are cannabinoids from the cannabis family of plants that have shown promise for medicinal benefits in some studies. Talk around the nation from individuals using CBD is at an all-time high today, and we think for good reason. A majority of the American people are getting back to a more natural approach of living, like using CBD Rich Hemp Oils.  The hemp plant and the marijuana plants are both plants in the cannabis family, the Cannabis Sativa L. Hemp has higher non-psychoactive cannabinoids and low THC the psychoactive cannabinoid so the chances of getting high or stoned are just not present with this plant. Marijuana has a higher THC content and can induce a stoned or high feeling when using. The difference between the two plants is their chemical composition in cannabinoids. Ok then, CBD Rich Hemp oil is derived strictly from the hemp plant. Some CBD can be derived from the marijuana plant. Here at YSC, we have seen many good results from our clientele using the CBD Rich Hemp Oils derived from the hemp plant. Most everyone in the CBD industry can agree that the most adequate way to extract the CBD from the plant is through a C0₂ process, simply meaning cold-pressed.

Most people want to talk about milligrams of usage, however, that can truly be misleading too. There are several factors that can play into the mg usage for individuals. Mg dosing can be very different for different individuals. We have learned here at YSC an isolate product with strong terpenes can make a difference in usage. An isolate product most times is made with the CBD isolate, that means there are no other cannabinoids in that product. A full spectrum product will contain all the cannabinoids from the plant it is derived from.

One needs to look for quality in their choice of CBD products, also look at the labeling on those products. Make sure you understand the ingredients in the product. It is important to ask for lab reports on your products to be sure your CBD is what it says it is. So, I think understanding some of the information in this article can help.  Be wise and don’t get fooled.

All of us here at YSC have dedicated our time to educate individuals when it comes to CBD products. We have made it a priority to understand each of our products fully and put the utmost accuracy using only the best ingredients. We have been talking to folk about CBD for years now, in turn, this motivates us even more to become the very best at what we do. Our hope is to cut through some of the confusion for the individual and to help them make an informed decision on their CBD journey.

Written by Tina Harris


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