Let’s get real about the Pros and Cons on Medical Marijuana and CBD & other Cannabinoids derived from Hemp!

More and more states in the United States are legalizing Medical Marijuana today, so it is time to look at the subject on a lot of people’s minds. Medical Marijuana is defined as herb cannabis or marijuana (Cannabis Sativa L including its constituent cannabinoids THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids) prescribed by a physician to treat certain medical conditions. Typically having higher amounts of CBD and lower amounts of THC. I think it is high time to point out a few things people may or may not know about the issue. The federal government still has marijuana listed as a class 1 schedule drug in the Controlled Substance Act (CSA), in December of 2018 the President signed the Farming Act of 2018 which takes Hemp out of the CSA and places it into an agriculture category making it legal federally to cultivate and produce products from. There is deception out there as to the benefits of Medical Marijuana versus the benefits of CBD derived from Hemp by different groups for whatever their reasoning because if you really think about it, we already have available to us the exact same cannabinoids in Hemp. 

As of January 2019, there are 33 states to legalize medical marijuana. The laws vary from state to state, like how it is produced and distributed, how it can be consumed, what medical conditions it can be used for, and the legal amounts to be possessed by an individual.  The commonality of all the states is it must be prescribed by a physician. Each state varies by the physician requirements. Now the federal law states that it is a controlled substance and that means per certain federal laws you may not own, possess or purchase a firearm as a cardholder of medical marijuana. Some of the states that have legalized it have stipulated some of these issues in their individual medical marijuana laws.  

Have we really thought about how to go about getting a physician to prescribe medical marijuana for us? Some states stipulate that you must have a primary care physician prescribe it for you. Also, have we thought about the Medical Facilitator (Hospital) associated with the doctors? Will their policies advocate for or flat out deny access through their associated doctors? Each state will vary somewhat on covered conditions deemed necessary to obtain a medical marijuana card.  

I think the white elephant in the room is the simple question of “Will insurance companies cover medical marijuana?”. Sure, some insurance companies may very well cover the cost after deductibles and spend downs have been met, but you will have some insurance companies that will hold out and deny coverage on it, for the simple fact that it is still federally considered an illegal drug.  

As the laws in the country are changing, we already have had available to us a natural path that is legal and has shown to benefit some health conditions in some scientific studies. It is CBD derived from Hemp that is high CBD and low THC, containing no more than .03% of THC. Meaning you could receive the benefits of the cannabinoids without getting that stoned or high feeling that THC produces. Hemp is also a family member of the Cannabis Sativa L plant and contains the same cannabinoids as Medical Marijuana. People are sharing their personal stories about how it has helped them. Here at YSC we have seen and heard many of these stories. We do not make any medical claims, but we can educate and inform you from our experience. We have spent countless hours researching the subject and talking to people every day about it. Our experience has been driving us to be compassionate and knowledgeable and to become the very best at what we do. Our goal is to share testimonies, inform, and educate individuals so they may make their own choice with confidence. You will find that our team will explain different blends to you; Broad Spectrum with no THC content with CBD Isolate and specific Terpene blends or a Full Spectrum blends containing minute amounts of THC and other blends. With CBD derived from hemp, there are currently no exceptions on how to consume it. There are CBD Rich Hemp Oils that can be vaped on, taken sublingually, and used topically. There are even CBD Rich Hemp Oils that are water soluble for use in foods and drinks, there are CBD Hemp capsules and there is CBD Hemp Flower for smoking. So many possibilities to fit your specific needs. You don’t need a doctor to prescribe it for you. You may continue to keep your right to own, possess and even purchase firearms should you choose to use CBD derived from Hemp over Medical Marijuana.  

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