Edibles, Capsules, and Concentrates

Holy Grail Cannabinoid Complex 1500mg  Capsules $89.99

Not fond of the liquid CBD oils try this awesome all organic all-natural capsule from a highly trusted manufacturer. Full spectrum phytocannabinoid, whole plant extract, water-soluble capsule. This product is free of dairy, gluten and soy allergens. 25mgs of CBD in every capsule.


10mg of CBD per capsule. These capsules are formulated with MCT (fractionated coconut oil) and non-GMO sunflower lecithin which is known for its many health benefits. Lecithin has been known to aid in the body’s ability to absorb CBD. What a great way to take CBD!


1 gram 999mg CBD Isolate – $55

99% pure CBD isolate powder! This little product packs a punch. It can be dabbed or mixed with any type of oil so the possibilities are endless. Use as an additive to give any oil-based application a CBD kick! Mixes GREAT with RSHO gold label. About 999mg per gram!



A pharmaceutical grade CBD in a water-soluble saline base, a pleasant very fine mist of CBD nasal spray. It contains pharmaceutical grade CBD isolate into a nanoparticle water-soluble form and packaged it into a refreshing saline nasal mist! This water-soluble 400mg CBD & Limonene Terpene in the nose is immediately and efficiently absorbed and directly transferred to within the brain. This bioavailable product makes for quick delivery into your system in this manner Contains no THC. It is robust and with the Terpene Limonene has a citrusy-limey-orange-grapefruit finish taste to the nose and soft palate. Each spray delivers 2mg of CBD. Great for fast help and delivery! 


16.9 oz Holy Water by Holy Grail – $3.50

Holy Water is a 9+pH Hemp infused water. It was developed by an Exercise Physiologist and his team of experts including a Biochemist and Hydration experts. The goal was to create the very best Alkaline water on the market today with the addition of Holy Grail Hemp. The Hemp is a water Soluble Nano-sized proprietary mixture and one bottle contains about 5mg of CBD. This means that it has a quicker absorption rate due to the particle size than if it did not go through their Nano process. They coupled this with a 9+pH Alkaline water containing Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, and Potassium for the perfect balance. So, get hydrated well with a CBD kick!

Holy Grail Energy Chew $5.50

These Holy Grail chews offer 100mg of caffiene, 1mg of CBD and 4mg of CBN combined with B Vitamins giving you a sustained 3 hours of energy without the crash. Prepare for an uplift and focus unlike any other. Available in Apple Falvor and each tin contains 2 servings.

Natural Origins 100mg Hemp Infused Gummies – $17.99

Did someone ask for Vegan Gummies? Natural Origins Vegan Gummies are 10mg of CBD per piece. They are organic, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, non-GMO and made in the USA! Very bioavailable to the body and has an incredible absorption rate and oh so tasty! Hurry into one of our retail locations to get yours today. 

150mg pucker people

150mg Infused Edibles Gummies – $19.99

Infused Edibles Gummies are a tasty way for you to get your CBD intake! Made with top quality CBD Isolate, these are sure to satisfy your cravings! Pucker People (12mg each). A delicious sweetness with a sour twist. Grab a bag today!

Sour Puss 300mg

300mg Infused Edibles Gummies – $27.99

Infused Edibles Gummies are a tasty way for you to get your CBD intake! Made with top quality CBD Isolate, these are sure to satisfy your cravings! Some really great options to choose from – Peach Rings (25mg each) and Sour Puss (50mg each). Oh so good! Grab a bag today!

500mg Peach rings

500mg Infused Edibles Gummies –

Infused Edibles Gummies are a tasty way for you to get your CBD intake. Made with top quality CBD Isolate, these are sure to satisfy your cravings! Peach Rings (25mg each) and Sour Puss (50mg each) are exceptional flavors with a CBD kick! Grab your bag today!

Giraffe Nuts CBD Caramels 150mg $25.00

OMG! Chocolate CBD Caramels and Atlantic Sea Salt Caramels that are awesome and tasty! 15mg of Hemp CBD extract per caramel. The Chocolate Caramel is CBD only and the Atlantic Sea Salt Caramel has 5mg of Melatonin added per caramel. The Chocolate is great for everyday use and when you need a little help with sleep try the Atlantic Sea Salt.  These are all natural, Kosher, Non-GMO and Gluetin Free. Feed your Endocannabinoid System with a tasty treat!



200mg Full Spectrum with Terpenes Blended Concentrate Tanks 0.8ml Comes in Focus or Chill Terpene Blends

YSC Top Pick! These prefilled concentrate tanks are full spectrum 200mg CBD specifically blended with Organic Terpenes to give you that extra focus or a chilled relaxing feeling. Whichever desired effect suits your needs. Inhaling CBD is a fast absorbing method to consume CBD. These blends are absolutely outstanding come on in and try them for yourself.   

Dabs 2

250mg/g RSHO Gold Label

Holy Grail RSHO Gold has an average 25% CBD or about 250 mg of CBD in each 1 gram. The extract has been decarboxylated and filtered for the highest quality. This product can be taken under the tongue, dabbed, or vaporized in any common dry herb vaporizer. Average serving is half the size of a grain of rice. There is no better quality CBD on the market. Available in 1 gram, 3 gram, 5 gram, and 10 gram. Call for pricing.


Honolulu Haze Volcanos 300mg  $29.99

These gummis are over the top!  Dusted with sugar kief, the terpenes in these full spectrum gummis are great for relaxation and sleep. Each volcano is 30mg of CBD per piece. These are a favorite around here.  We are loving the terpene profile of this gummi.

Caviar Gummi 300mg  $29.99

The Caviar Gummi is dusted with sugar kief. Another full spectrum gummi. Each Gummi is 15mg. These gummies are good for every day use and another favorite also. The terpenes give you an awesome synergy!