What makes YSC different from other CBD companies?

Let me explain this from my point of view. I started as a client with YSC and now I am a team member here. The knowledge of CBD is what drew me in the first place. These individuals did not stop with a simple basic understanding though. They took their research seriously because they truly did care about the individuals they were working with. The compassion and knowledge were far beyond any I had seen elsewhere. Today as a team member I am involved in research, blogging and working with clients one on one because this just really spoke to my soul and filled a need in me to be healthy in a natural way. As a company, we truly do use our own products and feel everyone should be on CBD. I watch from the inside as I help with the research and clients, I am amazed at the levels we go to in research. Our bodies have an Endocannabinoid System with receptors that are designed to receive the CBD and begin a natural process of healing internally and we all know that here at YSC. Those receptors regulate almost every biological process in your body. We wanted to make our CBD even more powerful and more synergetic to the body to target certain issues with individuals and began to work with terpenes. There is that word again, “terpenes”.  Terpenes are very beneficial to health issues and have been well documented to help. Terpenes come from plants. So, there you have another natural plant compound. Plant-based compounds unchanged are the most natural things on earth.

YSC has a unique way of connecting with people and we truly do want to help. We personally test our products before they go on the shelves. We also have independent certified lab testing results. We will listen to you and educate you so you may make an informed decision. So, we invite you to come to sit with us here at YSC, “let’s talk CBD” and experience the difference with us. I truly feel these are the very things that make YSC different from others in the industry.

Written by: Tina Harris






Consistency and Dosing are Key When it comes to CBD!

Is CBD going to work the same for everyone? No, each individual person is different starting with their size (structure) and on to internal chemical integrity within the body and many more reasons. Depending on the body’s dependency on medications (over the counter or prescription) can create barriers.

In the years that I have been working with CBD and Terpenes, “OH did your eyes perk up” when you saw the word Terpenes? Terpenes are basically essential oils that give off certain aromas and a taste, in fact, terpenes are found in all plants. Terpenes have been well documented to have very beneficial health qualities to them and they can induce a synergy to the body when combining them with cannabinoids.

YSC as well as myself understands that one shoe does not fit all. YSC has the ability, knowledge, and experience to create specific terpenes blended with CBD to fit an individual’s needs in our very own lab.

Our mission is to help and guide you through your journey, from finding the right blend of CBD and Terpenes as well as the right dosage. Getting your Endocannabinoid System to what is known as the Homeostasis (Internal Balance) is our ultimate goal.

Keep in mind issues did not happen overnight. One of the most important things that I have learned is not to give up and be consistent!

I invite you to experience the difference of Your Sunshine Company (YSC Terpene infused CBD) call 417-544-4481 to set up a consultation with our top expert and formulator and put a little Sunshine in your Life.

Written by Tina Harris





The Spiritual Side of CBD – Emotions and Whatnot

Trying to find the stillness within ourselves can most often be difficult at best. Well, did you know that is a true aspect of emotions? Our emotions are connected to our spiritual side whether or not we believe we even have a spiritual side. Our spirit can be high or low just like our emotions, as a matter of fact, our emotions will dampen the spirit within us if we allow them to do so. Well, our emotional side is very important to our physical health and our spirit. A person’s spirit is an expression of energy created by the conscious part of your soul, your awareness. The spirit is defined as the non-physical part of a person which is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.  Our emotional side is controlled by hormones within the brain known as brain chemicals. These hormones can sometimes become unbalanced causing emotional distress and life situations can also cause us emotional distress. There is a natural balance of brain chemicals to keep us all emotionally sound and sometimes those hormones can become unbalanced. Those changes will affect your spirit and your spirit is such an integral part of your life. So why would we allow our emotions to dampen our spirit and our life?

Did you know that CBD interacts to receptors in our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that are dominantly found in the brain and spinal cord where certain hormones are home to? You could help control your hormones with CBD and have an all is well spirit. Truly create a complete Homeostasis (Internal Balance) within yourself by feeding your ECS. Be the one in control of your own health, physically and mentally. Allow your spirit to flourish. Now, I realize that situational events cannot be controlled but what if you could go through an event and handle it with a stillness emotionally and spiritually? I would like to think that we all strive to have awareness of our own spirit in a way that is natural and effortlessly. Be the one in control of your emotions and spirit. So, connect to your higher power and your own spiritual side. Allow yourself to be complete.

Here at YSC, I have walked the journey by using Terpene blended CBD products and witnessed others do the same. As the journey has progressed for me and others, I have witnessed the ability of the CBD products transform peoples lives emotionally and physically. I have seen their spirits blossom beyond belief. I know my personal walk was fairly intense at times. Once I got past the mental side of my illness and connected to my own spiritual side the true healing began to take off. I encourage you to make your own spiritual connection and awaken something brand new within you.

Written by Tina Harris