E Liquids and Tinctures

Your Sunshine Company Broad Spectrum Line – 300mg, 1000mg, or 1500mg

Your Sunshine Company has worked on this line of products for a very long time. Passion and the love of CBD Hemp Oils and what they could do led us to formulate our own line of oils containing only the best ingredients we could find. An Organic MCT Oil base combined with CBD isolate and a unique terpene blend make up each bottle! This line was truly created and crafted with tender love and care in each bottle. Tranquility is meant to provide an uplifted, focused, happy relaxation and has great anti-fungal properties. Vitality is blended to provide a productive, creative energy, and strong focus! They are both available in 15ml (300mg) and 30ml (1000mg) options! The 1500mgs are available in 30ml, the Do-si-dos is designed to relax and calm. It is great for sleep and has strong antifungal properties. The Clementine is energizing, uplifting and gives you a happy feeling and is anti-fungal too. Call today for pricing or to find out more.

Your Sunshine Company Full Spectrum CBD Line – 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg Peppermint & Natural Flavor

The perfect balance of cannabinoids for that extra zing of the full spectrum hemp plant. You can choose peppermint or natural flavor. 250mg is in 15ml, 500mg is in 30ml and the 1000mg is in 60ml. Total mg is per volume. All organic, all natural, non-GMO, vegan & BPA free.

This YSC Product brings the Entourage Effect to an awesome level. 2000mg CBD Full Spectrum with Organic Terpenes. The Terpenes in this blend are designed to give you an energizing, uplifted and happy effect but you also get all the effects with a full spectrum advantage. WOW! What a product!

Our newest addition to the YSC line! Sweet Dreamz is a CBD and Terpene rich blend with 300mgs of CBD and is specifically formulated to give you a super relaxation and help with sleep. This blend is not for a workday or busy day. Wow! What a product! Be sure to try this one for that much-needed rest and sleep.


250mg Hemplucid Water Soluble – $52.99

A great alternative to your average CBD tincture. Add Hemplucid Water Soluble to cold drink and food for a new spin on CBD usage. Being water soluble, Hemplucid is a great idea for people who have experienced difficulty using other non-water soluble CBD products.
Hemplucid contains; ultra-refined de-waxed CBD concentrate bonded to 100% vegetable glycerin for an all-natural, rapidly bio-available, water-soluble alternative to CBD (cannabidiol) oils. Hemplucid water soluble is naturally silky sweet, sugar-free, and low-glycemic.

Original CANNA Benefits CBD Syrup – 60ml  $36.99

Another Great Water-Soluble product. Tangerine Flavored, spritz your water up with the power of CBD. Approximately 25mg for every 10ml.